March 27, 2023

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The artist has thousands of euros left to hang on to the artwork and has the money – 29/09/2021 – Chart

Danish artist Jens Honing wanted to display a painting with hanging cash bills worth up to 70,000 (approximately $ 443,000), but he changed his plans and decided to display the paintings completely blank. The works are entitled “Take the Money”.

The Kunston Museum in Alborg, western Denmark, provided Hanning with money to rebuild an ancient work that marked a one-year salary. In Denmark And in Austria, with the Danish kroner and the euro.

However, two days before the exhibition began, museum staff received a message from Honning that the museum director, Los Anderson, had told AFP that he had not prepared the work they had agreed to.

The artist told him to send him other paintings entitled “Take the money and leave”. So he did.

When they opened the package sent by the artist, the museum staff found blank paintings and realized there was no money.

After the initial surprise, Anderson was smiling and decided to showcase the works at the current exhibition on modern work in Kunston.

“It provides a humorous insight and invites us to reflect on how the work is currently valued,” the director justified his decision.

The artist said his decision was aimed at showing that “we have a responsibility to question the structures that are part of it”.

So far, Anderson has chosen to use the artistic value of blank paintings, but says he still wants to “see the work best in the beginning”.

By the time the exhibition closes, on January 16, its aims will no longer be aesthetic and philosophical.

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“We will take the necessary steps to ensure that Jens Honing respects his contract and returns the money,” the director warned.