December 8, 2022

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The 6th child was injured and died in a bouncy castle crash

Number of children killed by a pogo stick inflated in a form Wind-blown castle at Davenport, In Tasmania, Australia. The tragedy happened during a school year end ceremony last week.

The victim, identified as 11-year-old Chase Harrison, has been in hospital since Thursday, but died yesterday of not being able to bear his injuries.

In total, nine children were involved in the crash. Six people have died at the Royal Hobart Hospital and two are in critical condition at the hospital. One is already recovering from his injuries at home.

The other five dead were identified as 11-year-old Addison Stewart, 12-year-old Jane Meller, Jay Sheehan, Jalaila Jane-Mary Jones and 12-year-old Peter Todd.

Elementary School Students Elementary School Hilkrest, In Davenport They celebrated school completion before the Christmas holidays when the accident happened. The students fell from a height of 10 meters.

In an interview with reporters yesterday, Local Police Commander Darren Hine said they would seek the help of the New Wales Police in the South, considering the magnitude of the incident and the need to talk to a greater number of traumatized children in the short term. Help to conduct the interview.

The circumstances of the tragedy and whether the school followed safety protocols when installing the toy are still being explored.

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