February 8, 2023

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The 27-year-old cat is the world’s oldest living cat

A cat has been named in the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living cat. Flossie, who entered the record books at 26 years and 329 days, is described as playful and curious by her current owner, despite already becoming deaf due to old age.

The kitten, born in 1995, has lived in different homes throughout its life. According to World Records, Flossie began her journey with a hospital worker in Merseyside, England, who adopted her when he saw her and other stray kittens near the health care unit.

Ten years later, the first teacher passed away and the cat was taken in by his sister. But 14 years later, that girl also died, and Flossie needed a new home. She was once again taken in by a member of the family that had initially adopted her.

For three years, the cat had a permanent home, but Flossie was adopted into an animal shelter when the owner felt that the cat could no longer care for her as she got older.

That’s when Vicki Green, the current keeper, met the kitten and decided to adopt her because she had experience with older animals. Since then, the woman has shown me much love and affection to talk about Flossie.

“If I was in such good shape at her age, with someone who would do the best for me when I needed it most, I would be a very happy girl,” Vicky Green told Guinness.

The title of the oldest cat ever lived belongs to Cream Buff, a cat from the state of Texas, USA, who lived for more than 38 years.

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