March 27, 2023

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‘Teachers say goodbye to female students’: Women worried as Taliban return to Afghanistan | The world

Former UN Youth Ambassador Ayesha Khurram today (8/15) shared a tweet about the situation at the University of Kabul – Sunday is working day in Muslim countries.

Teachers bid farewell to students in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aisha Khurram, former Youth Ambassador to the United Nations. – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

“Some professors said goodbye to their students when everyone was expelled from the University of Kabul this morning … and may not be our graduate and thousands of students across the country …”, he wrote on the social network.

Further TwitterLotfulla Najafizada, head of the Afghan news service Tolo News, published a picture of a man covering a wall with paintings of women painted in Kabul.

More than 250,000 people have been displaced by the fighting and many have taken refuge in the Afghan capital.

The militants demanded that some of those fleeing Taliban-controlled areas Families provide for women and single women To become the wives of their fighters.

Mujtah, 35, fled Parwan to Kabul with two single girls and said she would rather take her own life than the Taliban forced her to marry.

“I have been crying day and night,” he told the AFP news agency.

They also described the presence of women from areas controlled by the Taliban Forced to wear a burqa – A dress that covers the whole body, and has a narrow screen at eye level, through which you can see – and the militants beat people for violating social rules.

Life in the Taliban in the 1990s forced women to dress. Radical Islamists banned the education of girls over the age of 10 and imposed harsh punishments, including public execution.

The militants in the group have told the BBC they have decided to re-enforce Sharia Islamic law, which includes stoning to death for prostitution, amputation of limbs for theft and banning girls over the age of 12 from going to school.

Video: Progress of the Taliban in Afghanistan

According to news agencies, Taliban militants are entering Kabul this Sunday (15/8) ‘from all sides’.

In a statement, the militant group ordered its fighters to stay at the capital’s entry points – citing danger to civilians.

The acting Afghan interior minister appeared in a video aired by local broadcaster Dolo TV, saying there would be a “peaceful transfer of power” to an interim government. Kabul said it would not be attacked.

The Associated Press news agency quoted an Afghan official as saying that Talban negotiators were heading to the presidential palace to prepare for a “transfer” of power.

But Afghanistan’s presidential office has denied on Twitter that the situation in Kabul is out of control.

“There have been sporadic shootings in Kabul, Kabul has not been attacked. The country’s security and security forces are working with international partners to ensure the security of the city and the situation is under control.”

In the midst of the “lightning” attack, the Taliban dominated major cities in Afghanistan.

On Sunday, militants seized control of Jalalabad, the main city in the east of the country, without facing any opposition.

Jalalabad was captured by the Taliban on Saturday (14/8) in another important stronghold in northern Afghanistan, the city of Masar-e-Sharif.

The group will also recapture Bamiyan, which erupted 20 years ago as part of the country’s historical and cultural heritage and provoked condemnation from around the world.

The media reported that Nili, the capital of the central province of Daikundi, had surrendered to the Taliban without much resistance.

And in the past few hours, the group has claimed to have seized the Baghram airport and prison outside Kabul.

The campus has been the center of the war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda for about 20 years, until last month, when The U.S. military has said no one was killed in the blast.

Led coalition forces United States They invaded Afghanistan in December 2001 and Bakram became a large base for up to 10,000 soldiers.

Former U.S. presidents George Bush, Barack Obama e Donald Trump Visited the site during their tenure.

Bagram owns a prison that holds about 5,000 Taliban members. Sources close to the militant group said the detainees had been released.

Baghram Prison is known as the ‘Guantanamo Bay of Afghanistan’ – the infamous US military prison in Cuba.

It was originally built and managed by the Americans, but was handed over to Afghan control in 2013.

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