March 21, 2023

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Taliban co-founder Mullah Bardar is leading the world in Afghanistan’s new government

Mulla Bharath, Co-Founder Taliban, Will lead the new government Afghanistan. Sources in the Islamic group said on Friday (3) that the announcement would be made soon.

The group has not yet fully captured the country – Taliban militants still face forces loyal to the defeated republic Panshir ticketNorth of Kabul.

The new government’s most immediate priority is to prevent a devastating economic downturn and the devastation of the conflict, which is estimated to have killed 240,000 Afghans.

Abdul Gani Bhardar (Mullah Bhardar), who heads the Taliban’s political office, Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, son of the group’s late founder Mullah Omar, and Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai will hold senior government positions, three sources said.

The Taliban is preparing a new government for Afghanistan

All key leaders have arrived in Kabul, where preparations for the announcement of the new government are in the final stages, a Taliban official told Reuters anonymously.

Another source close to the group said that the Taliban’s top religious leader, Haibatullah Agunzada, would focus on issues of religion and governance in the Islamic way.

Taliban Took over Kabul on 15 August After dominating most of the country.

Although the Taliban has stated its intention to form a consensus government, a coalition close to the extremist movement will form an interim government with only Taliban members.

It consists of an advisory committee or shura of 25 ministries and 12 Muslim scholars.

All sources hope that the interim cabinet will be finalized soon, but they differ on exactly when. Some said the government would be formed this Friday, while others hope it will last until the middle of next week.

The fairness of the government will be important in the eyes of international donors and investors. Humanitarian groups warn of impending disasterAnd the economy, which relies on millions of dollars in foreign aid, is on the brink of collapse.

Protest in Panjir Valley

There are reports of intense fighting and casualties between the Taliban in the fighting in the Panchshir Valley.

Led by Ahmed Masood, son of former Mujahideen commander Ahmad Shah Masood, the remains of regional militants and government armed forces Thousands of militants gathered in the rugged valley.

Attempts to negotiate a deal seem to have failed, with each side blaming others for the failure.

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