December 8, 2022

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Sydney reopens after 106 days in jail

Residents of Sydney, Australia’s most populous country, bravely took to the streets in gray skies and rain on Monday (11), after nearly four months in prison due to an explosion. Delta variation Of Govit-19.

More than five million people in Sydney spent 106 daysDisablingCorona virus.

It is possible to suspend controls due to a decrease in infections and an increase in vaccinations, which affects more than 70% of the population over the age of 16 years.

Cafes and restaurants opened their vaccinated doors, while hairdressers lined up in front to get their hair cut.

“The weather is good this morning,” said Hannah Simmons, owner of Garden’s Cafe in Clovelly’s Beach District, where she continued to run her food delivery business.

For many, the end of imprisonment was an opportunity to go shopping. At midnight, hundreds of people rushed to the Kmart discount store and pictures on social media showed long lines inside the stadium.

Since June, shops, schools, classrooms and offices have been closed to non-essential workers, with unprecedented restrictions on personal liberty.

Restrictions were imposed on traveling more than three miles from home, visiting relatives, playing sports, going to supermarkets, and attending funerals.

“Some countries, such as Australia, have taken drastic or serious action against Govt,” DM Southformasen, the country’s former commissioner for education and racial discrimination, told AFP.

There will be limits to meetings, while international borders and schools will be completely closed for a few more weeks.

Australia has been able to control corona virus infections through border closures, roadblocks and an intensive testing policy.

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But the delta variant ended the “Zero Covid” dream, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.