March 31, 2023

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Sword and Fairy 7 DLC “Dreamlike World” launches on February 14 for PC; later for consoles as a free update

publisher cube game and developer Softstar Technology (Beijing) You will release Sword and Fairy 7 Downloadable content “Dreamlike World” for PC via steam Companies announced on February 14 for $3.99 with a 10 percent discount for the first week.

the Playstation 5And Xbox seriesAnd Playstation 4And Xbox One versions of Sword and Fairy 7– titled Sword and Fairy: Together ForeverDownloadable content will be received at a later time as a free update.

Below is an overview of the downloadable content via file Steam page:


Sword and Fairy 7 he Role playing game Developed by Softstar Technology (Beijing). As the game’s first downloadable content, “Dreamlike World” is an extension of the original story, with new mechanics and gameplay designs. We want to provide a unique gaming experience for all players.

Key Features

  • New story – A new journey for Yue Qingshu and Ziqiu, an unknown danger awaits their challenge.
  • new system – Yue Qingshu will fully comprehend the new Five Elements Skills, and use them to carry out her goals.
  • new character – The cute boy Ziqiu can now be controlled by players in the game, let’s check what he will do on this journey.
  • New map – Dive into the mysterious world, and let’s see if they can find the truth.
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