December 8, 2022

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Supporters of Point Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori take to the streets; Elections in Peru continue without an official winner | The world

Supporters of thousands of competitors Point Pedro Castillo e Keiko Fujimori He took to the streets this Saturday (26) Another day awaiting the official announcement of the outcome of the presidential election Do Peru, In a blur that lasts 20 days.

Castillo celebrates victory in Peru, but Fujimori complains of fraud in numbers

Castillo celebrates victory in Peru, but Fujimori complains of fraud in numbers

The June 6 referendum ended with a very tight and forward margin for Socialist Point Castillo, but right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori is questioning the validity of a constituency vote. Learn more in the video above.

Castillo’s supporters marched in central Lima, near the headquarters of the Electoral Court. Protesters put up posters demanding that the victory of the leftist candidate be declared. Voting ended by a margin of 44,000 votes. Some have accused Keiko, the daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori, of trying to plot a plot.

This Saturday (26) – Supporters of Keiko Fujimori during a demonstration in Lima, Peru call for ‘respecting my vote’ – Photo: Gerardo Marin / Reuters

Nearby, thousands of Keiko Fujimori supporters set up a platform carrying flags and speaking candidate. Right-wing militants accused Castillo of rigging the vote and held up “No to Communism” posters – already a left-wing candidate He declared that he was not a communist.

So far no abuses have been proven, including by international observers United States, they said The elections were held as a “model of democracy”.

In the second round of the presidential election in Peru, left-wing Point Castillo and right-wing Keiko Fujimori contested – Photo: Ernesto Beniwitz / AFP and Gian Moscow / AFP.

The Peruvian election process has been further tense this week following the resignation of one of the four judges on the court who reconsidered the votes cast by Keiko. This was seen by the magistrate as a maneuver in the most appropriate manner to delay the declaration of the decision.

This Saturday, the court unveiled the new judge. George Salas, chairman of the National Electoral Arbitration Council, criticized the blocking efforts. “Electoral justice cannot be disabled or prevented, this process is very low,” he said.

“These prohibitive arts will not thrive,” Salas warned.

The review of the ballots in question will continue from Monday. The official decision will be announced only after a thorough review.

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