February 7, 2023

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Studies show that ugly people tend to be on the left

According to a study conducted by Stanford University in the US, people who think they are “unattractive”, i.e. ugly, are more likely to support left-wing political movements.

Conduct of Research by Prof Margaret Neal and doctoral student Peter Bellamy, who asked students to self-rate their physical attractiveness skills.

Later, all the students were taken to watch a short documentary about “Occupy,” the ugly and the beautiful, the movement that took over the streets of New York in 2011 and claimed to be protesting “economic inequality” in America.


The perception of one’s physical beauty has a greater impact on human mood than previously suspected. When asked whether they would donate a $50 lottery ticket to the movement, those who felt the least attractive were twice as likely to donate.

Neal and Bellamy revealed that people who feel very beautiful believe they belong to a higher social class and believe that hierarchies are a legitimate form of civil society organization.

Better explained: If you’re attractive (or you think you are), you tend to identify with a higher social class and understand that hierarchy is the formal structure in society.

That is, you tend to value family, church, business organization, teachers, in short, you work, study, create a family and pass these values ​​to your children because you are a part of it. A “small feature” can be quite revolutionary.

Empirically, it can be understood that an ugly person feels removed from society (relationship, friends, work, etc.) and for this reason, seeks to challenge these types of personal systems.