April 1, 2023

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Student graduation speech was interrupted when talking about the presence of LGBTQIA + in the United States; Watch the video | The world

A high school student interrupted his graduation speech last week when he began talking about his experience as an LGBTQIA + student. (Watch the video above).

Price Dershem, who was the class speaker, said he was audited by the principal of East Regional High School in New Jersey. United States.

“I felt like they were trying to control what I was going to say and I am so proud to take some parts of my identity,” Dersham told NBC.

The recording of the text shows an obvious technical problem when the young man speaks that it is not binary – or not binary – that is not identified with the male and female gender.

Robert Dull, the school’s principal, can be seen approaching and removing the microphone and papers in the “unauthorized” version of the text.

The audience then demands that the young man be able to speak again, and that the speaker be given a new microphone to finish his presentation “from memory.”

“He pointed to the text he had written for me and told me to talk about what was there, and nothing else,” Dersham said.

Graduation speaker Price Dersheme interrupts his speech while talking about being an LGBTQIA + student – Photo: Breeding

Dersham said the board told him a week after graduation that the moment was “not a therapeutic session” and that he could not present his speech.

The young man said he worked with the authors on the content of the “banned version” and tried to use the language in question. He even read previous speeches.

“They talked about the son of an immigrant, band rehearsal, school club, reality shows, even Bob Esponza,” the spokesman said.

Regional School Superintendent Robert Claudier said in a statement that he supports the students’ educational experiences and believes in “an inclusive message about the future.”

The school principal did not comment on the case until the last update of the report.

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