May 21, 2022

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Star Wars Day: 'Obi Wan' series drops second trailer

Star Wars Day: ‘Obi Wan’ series drops second trailer

It was released in – and when else? – On May 4th, the trailer teases the appearance of young Luke Skywalker, lightsaber-wielding villains, and of course a certain Sith known for his peppy breath.

Described as a “six-part event,” Limited Series Follows the legendary Jedi Ewan McGregor after his student Anakin Skywalker goes to the dark side entirely in “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”.

Years after Emperor Palpatine came to power and “order 66 for most of the Jedi,” Obi-Wan still can’t catch up: he evades evil detectives bent on his pursuit as one of the last Jedi alive in the galaxy and watches over young Luke Skywalker, He simply lives on Uncle Owen’s moisture farm in Tatooine.

The trailer ends with an instantly recognizable breath of one Darth Vader, who, in Timeline “Star Wars”It only recently became a Sith. Will the master and the former apprentice face off? Probably – Hayden Christensen replay his role Like the badly burned Anakin/Vader in the series.
It stars Joel Edgerton, Kamil Nanjiani, Moses Ingram, Robert Friend, and many others starring Joel Edgerton. Who will end up voicing a comedy robot? How will the villains Ingram and Seddik battle Vader? and who will say, “Do I have a bad feeling about this?”

These questions and more will, hopefully, be answered when “Obi-Wan Kenobi” premieres May 27 on Disney+.

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