April 1, 2023

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Spanish police resume search for sister of girl found at sea bottom; Father suspect | The world

A ship was re-launched this Monday (14) Search at sea for 14-month-old Ana who went missing with her 6-year-old sister Olivia at the end of April. They were taken by their father in Tenerife Spain, Without the mother’s permission.

Body of Olivia Kimeno Zimmerman It was found at a depth of a thousand meters in the sea inside a suitcase attached to an anchor, Thursday (11). The father, Thomas Kimeno, was the prime suspect in the crime.

Another similar bag was found by a special maritime inspection vessel, which aided the search, but according to the Spanish Civil Guard it was empty. An underwater robot is also used in the process.

Police say, Before disappearing with the children, Kimeno made one last call to his mother, who was separated from him, “with a farewell tone.”. It is suspected that the two were killed to inflict “inhumane pain on his ex-partner”.

Olivia, Ana and Tomas Kimeno go missing on April 27 in Tenerife, Spain – Photo: BBC broadcast

The crime shocked Spain and sparked protests in several cities, Summoned by feminist collaborators to deny the crimes.

In an open letter published over the weekend, The mother of the girls, Beatrice Zimmerman, said the deaths of the little ones were “not in vain” and helped to select “violent violence”. (The mother suffers because it affects the children).

Over the weekend, a court in the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa, Removed the secrecy of the case and released the details In a statement. Tenerife is the largest island in the archipelago.

According to the documents, the father, Thomas Kimeno “killed his two daughters in his house and then threw their bodies into the sea”, where they are hard to find..

The fleeing father’s intention was to “kill them in a planned and unplanned way, with the intent of inflicting inhumane pain on his ex-partner.”

A necropsy of Olivia’s body was determined to be a “violent death” for the girl. “Although only Olivia’s body has been located so far, the mostly true hypothesis about Anna is unfortunately the same,” the court said.

Photo of Ana and Olivia Kimeno Zimmerman missing after being taken away by their father without their mother’s permission. Thomas Kimeno is the main suspect in this crime. – Photo: Revelation

Investigators began an extensive search for the girls on land and sea, but Kimeno’s boat has been found empty and badly dumped in Tenerife water.

According to Spanish media, the father of two girls was last seen carrying toy bags on his boat.

Interpol joined the search, released photos of the two girls and called them “yellow notices” of the missing.

Ana Kimeno Zimmerman’s profile on Interpol’s website goes missing after she was abducted by her father, along with her sister Olivia, without her mother’s permission. Thomas Kimeno is the main suspect in this crime. – Photo: Breeding / Interpol

Olivia Kimeno Zimmerman’s profile on Interpol’s website, after she was abducted by her father, went missing with her sister Ana without her mother’s permission. Her body was found in a suitcase attached to an anchor at the bottom of the sea. – Photo: Breeding / Interpol

Violence against women

Friday (11), The Prime Minister of Spain, San Francisco, said in a statement that “Spain is moving everything.” “I can’t imagine the pain of little brother and Olivia’s mother.”.

According to official data, at least 39 minors have been murdered by their own parents or by their mothers’ partners or ex-partners.

In addition, .096 women have been killed due to gender-based violence in Spain since 2003, when official counts began. In 2021 alone, there were 18 murders.

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