January 30, 2023

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South Africa to reject two million US Johnson vaccines | Vaccine

Government South Africa, Announced this Sunday (13) that two million Johnson vaccines manufactured by Johnson & Johnson in the US will have to be discarded because of pollution during its production United States.

The South African drug regulator SAPHRA said in a statement that it had “decided not to distribute vaccines made from a combination of inappropriate components”, according to the French Press.

U.S. officials announced Friday (11) that about 60 million doses of Johnson immunization agent manufactured at a factory in Baltimore, USA, should be discarded due to an error during production.

Unlike others used against Govit-19, Johnson’s vaccines are given in a single dose. Thus, 60 million vaccines from a pharmaceutical company equals 60 million people who can be completely immunized simultaneously.

South Africa has entered the third wave of the epidemic and is lagging behind in its vaccination campaign: more than 1% of the 59 million population is immunized. More than 58,000 people have died since the Govt.

What vaccine is this? Johnson (Johnson & Johnson;)

Pollution levels in the United States

In March, Tests performed at the American factory were revealed Ingredients that go into the mixture of Astrogenogen’s vaccine prepared in the same place, mixed incorrectly with Johnson’s vaccines and are unusable.

Production of the factory’s vaccines was halted two months ago, with other modules still to be analyzed. The FDA has not yet decided whether to reopen the emergency plant.