vocal boundaries
Photo: SEGA

The latest version of Sega vocal boundaries Takes sonic the hedgehog Series in a bold new direction with “open-ended” gameplay. The company received a lot of feedback from focus groups during development, and intends to continue this trend going forward.

in Some tweets on social mediaGame Director Morio Kishimoto mentioned how the team is listening to comments about the new entry and said Team Sonic will take that into account when it comes to the future of the series. He added that the team still had “a long way to go” and would continue to go to “higher levels” to challenge itself. This is an approximate translation:

Morio Kishimoto (@moq_46): “I’ve gotten so much energy from everyone’s comments! I’m so honored that so many people enjoyed it! After more than 10 years of trial and error I’ve finally managed to make this work. Open Zone is full of possibilities. Games have become Sonic is more interesting. And we will continue to challenge ourselves to even greater heights.”

Sega too I released a message this week – Thank you everyone for the support and being with Sonic every step of the way.

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[source twitter.com, via soahcity.com]