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Singer Aaron Carter found dead at 34, website says | news

Singer Aaron CarterFormer child pop star, Bro Nick Carterof Street children, was found dead at his home in Lancaster, California on Saturday (5), aged 34. Information is available on the website TMZ. According to the publication’s sources, the musician’s body was found after police officers received a call via 911 at 11am today, informing them that a person had drowned in a bathtub. Aaron leaves behind a son. Prince11 months old, with his ex-fiancee, Melanie Martin.

Aaron Carter – Photo: Getty Images

Company sources said TMZ Detectives from the homicide unit were sent to the scene as standard operating procedure in these types of fatal scenes, but at this time there was no information or evidence of a crime. The website obtained a photo of sheriffs’ cars and paramedics outside Aaron’s home, showing the property fenced off with tape indicating entry is prohibited.

On Tuesday (1), the singer was pulled over by police in California on suspicion of drunk driving after Melanie called the police, but a breathalyzer test showed he was sober. Photos of the incident went viral online, showing the artist getting into the car through the sunroof after locking the vehicle’s keys.

Aaron rose to fame as a pop singer in the late 1990s, releasing four studio albums — the first of which, released in 1997 when he was 9 years old, sold over a million copies to his name. Aaron’s second creation, Aaron’s party, tripled that number, and from there she became a regular on Nickelodeon, the kids’ channel known for releasing teen idols. The artist toured with the Backstreet Boys during the boy band’s heyday, of which his older brother Nick was a member.

Aaron Carter and Nick Carter – Photo: Getty Images

Aaron transitioned to rap as his music career progressed and also appeared on reality shows. Dancing with the stars and starring in the Broadway production Susical. It was also in the series Lizzie McGuirewith Hilary Duffwith whom he dated, Sabrina, the teenage witchAnd 7th Heaven. Over the years, the singer has had many problems with drug abuse and has been involved in several problems with the police. A few years ago, he talked about taking pills on the show DoctorsIt reveals that he has been diagnosed with personality disorder, schizophrenia, manic depression and severe anxiety. The artist also underwent rehab treatments a few times.

In 2012, Aaron’s sister, Leslie, Died of an overdose. In September, The singer lost custody of Prince, who was under the care of his maternal grandmother, was readmitted to the hospital for treatment. “I don’t have relapses or anything, the urges are huge for me now [e] I want my son back,” he said at the time.

“”I have a medical marijuana license to grow up to 99 plants a year. But I threw away all the equipment, sold everything, got rid of my plants and my varieties that I was growing. I was never told I had to do that for DCFS [Department of Children and Family Services] or by the State of California. They never took away my weapons, they never took away my platoon medicine,” she explained of the court’s decision to take the child from her custody at the time.

Aaron Gordon arrived in Brazil on January 21, 2001 for a performance at Rock in Rio. At that time, the singer was 13 years old. I want candy. He opened the show at Falco Mundo that night Sandy & Jr., Five, N’Sync And Britney Spears. One more start to his career, the Brazilian duo borrowed the podium at the American Festival.

Nick Carter and Aaron Carter – Photo: Getty Images

Aaron Carter – Photo: Getty Images

Aaron Carter – Photo: Getty Images

Aaron Carter started his career as a child (Photo: Getty Images)

Aaron Carter started his career as a child (Photo: Getty Images)

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