January 30, 2023

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Satellites show full-scale models of US warships stationed in China’s desert | The world

Satellite images obtained by news organizations on Sunday (7) show what they look like Full-size models of warships From United States Built in the middle of the desert China. Although there is no official information on what these buildings are being built for, it is believed that they do Targets for Chinese military training.

From the pictures, you can see that at least one of the models reflects the aircraft carrier and the other the destruction. The target was found to be mounted on the rail used to carry it. According to the United States Naval Institute (USNI), some of the more fully-fledged structures appeared to be more sophisticated, navigation tools.

Flat system to support military training in China, set in the middle of the desert in Xinjiang – Photo: Maxar Technologies via AP

Focusing on massive aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy Command Command is one of the most powerful weapons in the U.S. arsenal. One of them is parked in the Pacific, where it overlooks such important areas Taiwan And the South China Sea – where there is a dispute over Chinese territorial waters.

On the other side of the regional controversy, China has been developing naval warheads for some years. This arms race includes missiles capable of destroying aircraft carriers.

Satellite image shows copies of US ships being built at a railway terminal in China – Photo: Maxar Technologies via AP

The images caught the attention of US military officials. The U.S. Navy says the models were built two years ago between March and April 2019 – the aircraft carrier, according to a report.

“It has undergone several renovations and was completely removed in December 2019. But the site was re-used by the end of September this year and the construction was completed in early October,” he added.

The U.S. agency says the area has already been used for ballistic missile testing, according to intelligence agency AllSource Analysis.

When asked about the pictures, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said on Monday he was unaware of the situation.

Beijing is pursuing a major plan to modernize its arsenal, according to a Pentagon report released last week that many of its weapons are designed to help neutralize key U.S. ships during a regional conflict.

MAP – South China Sea – Photo: g1

According to U.S. Navy Admiral Philip Davidson testifying in Congress a few months ago, the Chinese military has deployed some of its missiles in training, which is “a vague message to regional and global populations.”

The United States continues to operate around the South China Sea and Taiwan, annoying Beijing.

China claims sovereignty over much of this sea area and considers Taiwan part of its territory, which, if necessary, will one day be forcibly withdrawn.

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