June 30, 2022

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Satellite photo China builds Japanese model aircraft for train attack, website says | The world

The Chinese have developed satellite imagery, a model of the Chinese Air Force aircraft Japan Use in their security system, according to a report released on the Nikkei Asia website on Tuesday (19).

Reconstruction of the website that published the report on the model aircraft made in China. On the left, the model in the Xinjiang Desert of China. On the right, the real plane on the Japanese site, for comparison – Photo: Breeding / Nikki Asia

Pictures from the desert near Xinjiang.

Believed to be part China The location of the photo is a special zone under the control of the Chinese military.

Satellite image taken on May 13, 2022 shows a replica of a Japanese aircraft in the desert of China – Photo: Planet Labs PBC

The picture shows a structure in the form of an aircraft with two engines and a disk-shaped radar, which is characteristic of a particular model aircraft of the Japanese Air Force.

Reconstruction of the Nikkei Asia website shows a satellite photo showing the construction of a prototype aircraft built in China – Photo: Reproduction / Nikkei Asia

The Chinese model seems to have been inspired by the Japanese Air Force’s E-767 aircraft, a Boeing-made aircraft. According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, there are four aircraft in the world, all of which are based at the air base in Hamamutsu.

The aircraft is capable of intercepting other aircraft. In an imaginary collision situation, these models will be used to search for other aircraft in areas far from collisions.

The Chinese military could use such models to simulate attacks on US Air Force aircraft. Japan With the missiles, according to a former top Japanese military official, he was interviewed by Nikkei Asia but asked not to be identified.

The photos were taken by Planet Labs, a satellite imaging company. To us.

The photo was also taken earlier in the Xinjiang desert Full-size model of an aircraft carrier American and a small warship, American.

Flat system to facilitate military training in China, nestled in the middle of the desert in Xinjiang – Photo: Maxar Technologies via AP

The United States has warned in recent months China As tensions rise in the South Seas, it has rapidly expanded its military, including its nuclear capabilities. China.

Satellite image shows a replica of an American ship built in the middle of the Chinese desert – Photo: Maxar Technologies via AP

Earlier this year, The China It is suspected to be a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile – testing missiles that can fly in the atmosphere five times faster than sound – which has caused concern in Washington.

The Chinese government later denied the allegations and said it was a routine test.

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