March 23, 2023

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Satellite images show Russian troops near the Ukrainian border; Watch the video | The world

Images released this Thursday (20), made by satellite, show the troops Russia Near the border with Ukraine. Watch the video above.

According to Maxar Technologies, which is responsible for capturing the records, Russian forces are stationed at four locations near the border in the western part of the country.

The region is at the center of tensions between the two Russia And several months west. More than 100,000 Russian troops have already been sent to the area.

Ukraine: Understand the facts that lead to war

This week, Britain and Canada sent military support to the Ukrainians – say the West Russia Preparing for a war to prevent Ukraine Join NATO.

If US President Joe Biden had said on Wednesday (19) Russia Progress on Ukraine, The country has to pay a high price for this. Watch the video below.

“But if they really do what they can with the forces concentrated on the border, it will be disastrous. Russia If they occupy deeply Ukraine. Our allies and partners are willing to impose heavy costs and damages Russia And the Russian economy, “Biden said.

Biden vowed disaster for Russia if it invaded Ukraine

Biden vowed disaster for Russia if it invaded Ukraine

Russian officials have more than once denied that they were planning an invasion and say Western claims are baseless.

Tensions on Ukraine There has been an increase in recent months due to Western accusations that Moscow is preparing for an invasion.

On January 12, 2022, a Russian T-72B3 tank caught fire during a military exercise in the Rostov region of southern Russia, near the Ukrainian border – Photo: AB

Ukraine e Russia There have been conflicts since the Russian government annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

Tensions escalated over the conflict in the east Ukraine, More than 13,000 have died so far Russia Accused of supporting separatists. The Kremlin denies it.

Russian military training brings tanks to the Ukrainian border

Russian military training brings tanks to the Ukrainian border

On November 10, the To us Ask for an explanation Russia After detecting the movement of “unusual” troops on the border Ukraine.

By April, Moscow had already deployed 100,000 troops on the border, sparking initial fears of an invasion.

NATO, the European Union, France and Germany are warning the Russian government against further “aggressive” action.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of escalating tensions by handing over modern weapons. Ukraine And conducting “provocative military exercises” near the Black Sea and its borders.