January 30, 2023

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Sarah Everest case: Murderer sentenced to life in UK

LONDON – London Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Cousins ​​was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for murder. Sarah Evert. The 33-year-old woman was abducted on March 3 while returning from a friend’s home in south London.

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Prior to Cousins’ verdict, the judge said the circumstances of the case were “catastrophic, tragic and apparently brutal.” He also described the circumstances of the murder as “gruesome”.

“You betrayed your family and there is no evidence of true repentance,” he told Magistrate Cousins, according to the BBC.

The judge considered the seriousness of the case “exceptionally high” and, for that reason, justified life imprisonment.

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“The misuse of the role of a police officer in this case to kidnap, rape and murder an individual is as serious as a homicide aimed at promoting a political, religious or ideological cause,” he said.

Sarah was abducted on March 3 while returning from a friend’s house in south London. His body was later found in a forest 80 kilometers southeast of England. The autopsy concluded that she had been strangled to death.

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At an online trial on July 9 in the British capital, Cousins ​​was already present Was found guilty When asked about the murder case.

Sarah’s murder sparked waves of rebellion among women who shared their own experiences and fears of walking the streets alone at night. The mobilization prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take steps to improve public lighting.

After the shocking murder in the UK, Boris offered his condolences to the victim’s family on Twitter. At the time, he said he was “very shocked and saddened by the results of Sarah Everest’s trial.”

“Like the whole country, my thoughts are with your family and friends. We must work fast to find answers to this heinous crime,” he wrote.

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