March 27, 2023

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Santa Catarina house destroyed by floods in Germany: ‘moments of despair’ | Santa Catarina

Marcela da Silva Amandio of Santa Catarina, whose house was destroyed during the flood that hit the city where she lives in Germany, Pat Nனேnehr-Ahrweiler. From her Cloudy, South of Santa Catarina, and he announced difficulties in leaving the property. The city of Germany was flooded on Thursday (15).

“There were moments of despair. We thought the streets were going to be flooded, not houses. It was 8pm. It was flooding at 11pm. In 10 minutes, it filled the whole house and the surroundings,” said Marcela, who completely destroyed the house. (See also below).

As Heavy flooding turned the streets into rivers with violent currents, Which hit cars, uprooted trees and caused the collapse of some buildings. Dams in Germany and Belgium are at risk of breaking. Rain disrupts Netherlands and France (See pictures of the flood in the video below).

More than 150 deaths due to flooding in Europe were confirmed until this Saturday morning (17). In Germany, there were 133 people.

Since September 2020, Marcela has been living in Germany with her husband and their 7-year-old daughter. The city where the family lives is the capital of the Ahrwilir district.

“My turn [de subir], I did not succeed, but my husband, I do not know where he got the strength, pushed me. I thought I was going to fall into the water, but I was able to catch myself and climb to the top. It was really a divine force, “he recalled.

Video: Storm causes floods in Germany and Belgium;  There are the dead

Video: Storm causes floods in Germany and Belgium; There are the dead

After the scare, Marcella contacted her mother, who lives in Santa Catarina. He not only calmed the family members, but also sent videos showing the path of destruction caused by the rains. The furniture in his house was covered in mud and the car he bought two months ago went missing in the mud (See above).

Marcela, her husband and daughter are staying at a friend’s house in Brazil. In addition to the house, the restaurant where Santa Catarina’s husband works was also destroyed by the flood.

Vanessa Zimmerman, from Santa Catarina Blumena, Who lives in Germany but also in Cologne, says that his place of residence was not so affected by the rains. According to her, only a few neighborhoods were flooded. The southern district itself was severely affected. He says the Rhine, which flows through the city, has not spread, but has reached levels never seen before.

Rhine River in Cologne, Germany – Photo: Vanessa Zimmerman / Personal Archive

He said it was still difficult to find survivors due to lack of power and internet in some places.

Rain and floods in Europe: Storm kills dozens in Germany and Belgium and affects cities in the Netherlands and France – Photo: Amanda Pace / G1

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