March 30, 2023

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San Marino is the first country in the world to have explicit homosexuals The world

Small Republic San MarinoAn enclave in Italian territory on Friday elected the leader of the world’s first outspoken homosexuals, a fact that activists have called “historic.”

Paulo Rondelli was one of two Captain Regents elected by indirect vote San MarinoTraditionally, over the next six months, the micro-state will be home to 34,000 people.

MAP – San Marino – Photo: G1 Mundo

“I will be the first head of state in the world to join the LGBTQIA + community,” Rondelli said on his Facebook page.

Marco Tondi, President of the RCK Association in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna San Marino Located, hailed as “a historic event”.

Paulo Rondelli is one of San Marino’s “rulers of two captains” – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“He was the first outspoken homosexual and rights activist in the LGBTQIA + community,” he said. “There are precedents between heads of government and ministers, but this is unprecedented in the world for a head of state.”

In fact, many governments are led by declared homosexuals, including Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Petal and Icelandic Johanna Sigurdottor (2009-2013).

Paulo Rondelli is one of San Marino’s “rulers of two captains” – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

This Friday, Italian politicians attended the inauguration of two captains of the peninsula, including Justice Minister Marta Cordobia and Senator Monica Sirinna, known for their commitment to the rights of the LGBTQIA + community.

Rondelli “is a man of enormous culture and excellent diplomatic and political experience who fought for the rights of women and the LGBTQIA + people. San Marino“, Sirinna wrote on her Facebook account.

“This is a historic day that brings me joy and pride because for the next six months, Paulo Rondelli will be the world’s first Head of State to join the LGBTQIA + community,” he added.

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