March 27, 2023

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Russia’s Supreme Court orders closure of the country’s leading human rights NGO | National newspaper

Russia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the closure of a major human rights body in Russia. In the dock, memory Russia. The country’s oldest human rights NGO heard the sentence: “Memorial ceremonies must end,” a judge in Russia’s Supreme Court said.

The audience recorded their rage and shouted “shame”. Filing a charge sheet is a method of protection. The attorney general found the ruling to be “powerful political motive” and promised to appeal.

The law states that NGOs receiving donations from abroad are considered “foreign agents” and must use this label in all their posts on social media. The monument refused to do this.

The law requires the registration of any entity that receives money from outside and engages in “political activities.” Many voluntary charities have no problem announcing international donations. The question is always the definition of “political activity”. For the Kremlin, it was an attempt to shape public opinion or influence government policy.

The law came from 2012, but the concept predates the time of dictator Joseph Stalin. This is a word for traitors. The monument was created in 1989 to track and publish information about crimes committed in the Soviet Union.

Once a year, the NGO arranges to read the names of those executed by the Soviet regime in front of the former headquarters of the gruesome KGB police. Tuesday’s verdict reads, “Instead of highlighting a glorious past, the monument creates the false image of the Soviet Union as a terrorist state and rehabilitates Nazi criminals.”

A representative of the monument said the outcome could unfortunately be predicted in the current court system. There is an opinion that justice is not blind to the interests of the government.