June 30, 2022

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Russians and Americans exchange allegations over plans to use biological weapons | National Magazine

In the Security Council UN, Russia And To us They exchanged accusations about plans to use Biological weapons.

The Russian representative spoke first. He said the country’s defense ministry had documents confirming it had 30 labs. Ukraine Those who carry out experiments to strengthen the bacteria that cause deadly diseases and the project will be joint To us.

The allegation first surfaced last Sunday (6). The Russian Defense Ministry says it has received a document describing covert biological experiments. The authenticity has not yet been confirmed..

On Tuesday, the day of the Kremlin’s invasion, the source said there was evidence on February 24. To us And Ukraine Attempts were made to destroy specimens of rare diseases such as plague, anthrax and cholera in one laboratory, and there were American laboratories in the cities of Kharkiv and Boldova that developed biological weapons.

On the show, The To us Reacted on several nodes. Both State Department Such as White House He said that Russia There is a history of accusation West It can lay the groundwork for its own attacks with the crimes it commits and prohibited weapons.

Thursday (10th) President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskySaid the labs in Ukraine Has been a part of the country ever since Soviet UnionDevelop scientific research, not weapons of mass destruction. Zhelensky concluded:

“I am the president of a decent country, the father of two children. No weapons of mass destruction have been created here.

Both agreements prohibit the development, production, acquisition, exchange, stockpiling and use of these weapons. But at this Friday’s meeting The UN The Russia Accused To us Breach of contract – and China The chorus did. Said the Chinese representative To us There are 336 laboratories worldwide for this type of experiment.

Oh BrazilOccupying a temporary chair Security adviceHe asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Brazilian Ambassador Jono Genecio de Almeida Filho said Brazil believes that legal scientific research should be clearly separated from equivalent activities for the development of biological weapons. There are laboratories that study diseases, but do not produce weapons of war.

Even so, As a precaution, this Friday The World Health OrganizationAnd asked Ukraine Destroys viruses and bacteria from research labs to prevent leaks during an attack.

You To us He said that Russia The meeting was called only to spread false and misleading information; The Russians poisoned the enemy with chemical weapons and they cooperated in the use of these weapons. Syria; This approach comes directly from the Russian war game book, which aims to cover up acts of unlawful attack on a malicious route. Ukraine.