March 24, 2023

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Russia seeks help from Brazil to avoid expulsion from IMF and World Bank | The world

The Russia The Brazilian government sent a request for support to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the G20 after it was approved by the West in the wake of the invasion. UkraineAccording to a letter received by Reuters.

Minister of Finance RussiaAnton Silvanov wrote to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Goodes“Support is needed Brazil To avoid political accusations and discriminatory attempts at international financial institutions and multilateral forums. “

“Behind the scenes, restrictions or even deregulation are working at the IMF and the World Bank. Russia The decision-making process, “Siluvanov wrote.

The letter made no mention of the war UkraineDated March 30 and sent to Guedes by messenger Russia Inside Brasilia Wednesday (14th).

“You know, the Russia Is experiencing a challenging period of economic and financial crisis due to the sanctions imposed by To us And its allies, “said the Russian minister.

Secretary to the Treasury To usJanet Yellen, Last week the United States said it would not attend any G20 meeting Russia Was withCiting the invasion.

Almost half of international reserves Russia Foreign trade, including economic partners in emerging markets, has been paralyzed, Silvanov said.

“You To us And its allies promote the policy of isolation Russia Of the international community, ”he added.

Siluanov also said the sanctions violated the principles of the Bretton-Woods agreement that created the IMF and the World Bank.

“We believe the current crisis caused by the unprecedented sanctions adopted by the G7 countries will have lasting consequences if no collective action is taken to resolve it,” he wrote to Guedes.

Bolzano expressed solidarity Russia When meeting the President Vladimir Putin In the Kremlin on February 16, a week before the start of the invasion.

Brazilian President Carlos Franca said in March Brazil Opposes expulsion Russia Of the G20, as requested To us.

“The most important thing is that all of these forums – G20, WTO, FAO – can have full functionality. RussiaFrance said in a March 25 Senate hearing.