June 28, 2022

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Russia returns bodies of 210 Ukrainian militants to Kiev

Ukraine is trying to transfer Russian prisoners to its soldiers, but some Kremlin officials want to be tried.

The bodies of 210 Ukrainian militants were returned to Ukraine by Russia on Tuesday (June 7, 2022). According to officials in the invaded country, most of the bodies came from soldiers on azostel steelwork. Like Mariupol.

The army and civilians had been concentrating on the plant for weeks. However, on March 17, The Ukrainian militants surrendered And were arrested by the Russians.

Work is underway to recover the bodies of fallen bodyguards in Mariupol. So far, 210 of our soldiers have been sent back – most of them Azovstalin’s heroic bodyguards.Ukrainian security intelligence said in a statement Twitter. “The task of bringing home all the captured Ukrainian guards continues.

Kiev is trying to negotiate the exchange of fighters for Russian prisoners, but Russian officials want some soldiers to stand trial. Last week, the exchange of 160 bodies between Russia and Ukraine was announced by the Ministry of Reconciliation of Ukraine’s temporarily occupied territories.

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