June 30, 2022

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Russia has stepped up bombings on port cities in southern Ukraine and Kiev National Magazine

The Russia The bombing intensified on the capital Ukraine And port cities in the south of the country. That’s what they say, PolandSpecial envoys are Rodrigo Carvalho, Ernani Lemos and Ross Salinas.

People like Mariup are being beaten one after another. Drone shots showed further attacks on key figures The port city surrounded by the Russians for several days.

Last week, a bomber destroyed a maternity hospital. The pregnant woman was taken out with injuries; Her condition was critical. This Monday (14), doctors said he did a cesarean too, but it was not The baby was taken out lifeless. Thirty minutes later, the mother died.

The city of Mariupol needs to set up a humanitarian route for civilians to get out, but it is difficult to get on the road due to the bombing. This Monday, 160 cars were able to leave the city.

In another port, in Odessa on the Black Sea, residents made a concerted effort to collect sand from the beach. One of the photographers says that there are no soldiers there.

“We work here because those who do not know how to kill do what they can,” he says.

In the second largest city UkraineKharkiv, two Civilians were killed in the attack on the building.

The bomb was dropped on DonetskIn the area controlled by the separatists and recognized its independence Russia. The two sides exchanged accusations.

The Ukrainians denied the allegations Russia Detecting attacks trying to justify war.

A Kremlin spokesman said Ukrainians would keep weapons in residential areas. Dmitry Peskov said The Russian military can take full control of key population centers to ensure the safety of Ukrainian citizens.

The battle will reach its 20th day today, Tuesday (15). What are the people living in this hell doing Ukraine And those fleeing to neighboring countries in Eastern Europe want to know when this will end. A The fourth round of talks began today, Monday, Almost, but nothing came back. It was suspended until Tuesday.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskySaid economic destruction Ukraine Is one of the purposes Russia. On Monday, Zelensky asked the Ukrainian parliament to extend for a month a martial law that would change the rules of operation of a country.Enforcing martial law aside from civil law.

On Monday, Benjamin Hall, a British journalist with the American television channel Fox News, was injured in the suburbs. Kiev. He had to go to the hospital.

The capital of Ukraine remains tense. In different parts of the world, as millions of people did this Monday, a man went for a walk in the park in the morning and saw the sky: it was a rocket. Oh The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a residential building in Kiev.

“It simply came to our notice then Vladimir Putin Against Ukraine“Said Mayor Vitaly Klitschko in a video.