June 28, 2022

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Russia has issued an indirect threat to Finland and Sweden, which are considering joining NATO: ‘We have issued our warnings’ | The world

The Russia He made indirect threats on Wednesday (20) Finland And this SwedenWho are exploring the possibility of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

“We have issued our warnings publicly and through bilateral channels; they (both countries) know this, so there are no surprises. NATO“Will occur,” said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the government’s foreign ministry. Russia. Information from the Russian news agency Tass.

According to her, The NATO Seeks to impress both countries: “Protected by the United States, Brussels (a note NATO) Pulls Sweden And this Finland Within their framework “.

The two governments began to unite NATO After the Russian military offensive against Ukraine.

NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting in Brussels – Photo: Associated Press

The FinlandShares about 1,300 km of border with Russia, Its prime minister said it would decide “in a few weeks” whether to apply to join the coalition. The Sweden Did not reject the option, but seems to be taking a very cautious stance for the time being.

Other news from the Russians

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia Said to join Finland And gives Sweden The NATO Will have “consequences” for those countries and for European security.

“These countries need to understand the implications of such a move for our bilateral relations and the overall security structure of Europe,” Zakarova said in a statement.

“Being a member NATO Its national security cannot be strengthened. In fact, they (Finland And Sweden) Will be at the forefront NATO“, She said.

Last week, the former Russian president, who is currently second on the Security Council RussiaDmitry Medvedev said, if Finland And this Sweden To join the Atlantic Alliance, Moscow will strengthen its military resources, especially near nuclear power, the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia.

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