May 21, 2022

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Russia approves up to 15 years in prison for calling action in Ukraine war or invasion

At RussiaMentioning events is prohibited Ukraine Like a war. This Friday (4), it turned out to be a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Government Vladimir Putin Imposes strict rule of censorship on Russians in newspapers and on social networks; And lies without any shame to justify the attack on the people Ukraine.

Something is missing in the translation. Televisions controlled by the Kremlin say Ukraine Responsible for the bombings in their own cities. Attacks Russia Only those that are “accurate” and against military infrastructure.

Journal charts and analysts swear together that if anything goes wrong, there will be no Russian troops in the missile’s trajectory. Or is it the fault of the military? Ukraine, Those who use citizens as “human shields”. Those who pull the trigger say that there is nothing they can do: “Attack is inevitable. The task is to remove dangerous nationalists from power.

If people do not understand the official story, the Kremlin draws it. A video shown in a class for Russian children described the war as follows: Boy Misha UkraineAnd boy Vania, from Russia, Were friends. The Ukrainian changed rooms and started asking for new friends Russia It was bad. Misha then began to attack the little Russians. Great Russia Went to the defense of these little Russians. So it goes.

The BBC Announced the suspension of the work of all its journalists Russia. The British Network explained that the new law could arrest anyone who spreads Kremlin misinformation about the war in China. Ukraine. The BBC’s director general said the law appears to criminalize the press.

The Russia Calls for aggression Ukraine An attack to “special military action”, “tenacify” Ukraine Because a “genocide is happening”.

Prime Minister Germany Said in Moscow That this word is wrong; This did not happen Ukraine. In a phone call with Putin on Thursday (3), the French president said that talking about a new Nazi government was an illusion. Ukraine.

The far-right Ukrainian nationalist party Svoboda won just 1.6% of the vote in the 2019 presidential election. Volodymyr ZhelenskyConqueror, even a Jew.

But closes in other versions of the Kremlin. Putin ordered this Friday (4) that access be blocked Facebook And Twitter. The government said it was responding to social media discrimination against Russian television and channel accounts. Oh Facebook Controlled by RT and Sputnik, which the EU accuses of spreading misinformation.

In addition, the Russian government has already banned more than 400 NGOs. The law stipulates that recipients of donations abroad must display the label “work produced by a foreign agent” in all publications.

The oldest human rights voluntary organization Russia Ordered to close. One activist said that one of the main purposes of the case was for the memorial to criticize the arrest of Alexei Navalny.

Vladimir Putin Got a place to stay in power for another 10 years. The extension of the presidency must be approved by popular vote. Yes or no to more than 200 amendments to the Constitution.

One of the articles mentions “faith in God” as a pillar Russia, Weakens the divide between state and religion. Another defines marriage as “the union between a man and a woman.”

Ideological reform shared space with popular measures such as adjusting the minimum wage and pensions above inflation.

“” Is an English word.What”. When someone in a discussion is trying to discredit another’s opinion by shifting the focus of the matter. The person cannot deny the argument, but the other is hypocritically accusing, bringing up a topic that has nothing to do with the topic under discussion.

A clear example is in a press conference with a Kremlin spokesman on Thursday (3). A correspondent for the British network Sky News asked live whether Russian troops were badly targeted or targeted. Russia You are lying to people.

Representative Russia He responded that the British Empire had invaded countries and killed civilians. It is in the history books, but it has nothing to do with war Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin The West said this week that it was a “realm of lies” but that no bomb could impose the truth..