May 25, 2022

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Russia and Ukraine disagree on humanitarian route at 3rd ceasefire meeting | National Magazine

Third meeting between negotiators Ukraine And gives Russia. That’s what they say, PolandSpecial envoys are Rodrigo Carvalho, Rose Salinas and Ernani Lemos.

The main topic of the meeting Belarus Was the stumbling block on Humanitarian corridors – Ways for the elderly, women and children to leave the bombed areas. Agreement made at the previous meeting.

The Ukrainian negotiator said there had been progress in discussions on the eviction of civilians, but in general, talks had stalled. On the Russian side, there was a perception that expectations were not being met.

week end, Both attempts to evacuate civilians via humanitarian routes failed. The Ukraine Accused Russia Violated the ceasefire agreement. This Monday (7), the Russian negotiator returned the charge, saying that the Ukrainian military was to blame..

Russia And Ukraine Agreed a New round of talks: Fourth. Meanwhile, the two countries’ diplomatic leaders, Sergei Lavrov and Dmitry Kuleba, agreed to meet on Thursday (11). TurkeyWhat will be their first meeting after the Russian invasion.

Russia proposes some avenues for repatriation of civilians from conflict areas – Photo: Journal National / Reproduction

Earlier, the two governments had commented on the creation of humanitarian routes. The Russia Proposed some routes to evacuate civilians from conflict areas. For example, anyone leaving Kiev should go to Komal Belarus – Country supporting Russian invasion. Anyone leaving Kharkiv must go to enemy territory. Russia. Only residents of Sumi and Mariupol have alternatives: they can go Russia Or to other cities Ukraine.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian president called the plan “immoral.” The Russian government, on the other hand, said that Ukrainian nationalists were not the only ones evicting civilians so that they could stay and serve as human shields.

At this moment, The mayor of Mykolaiv accused the city of waking up at 5 a.m. to the blast and accusing the Russians of using cluster bombs, which split and spread over a large area. An international conference bans this type of bomb. The Russia The agreement was not signed, as well To us And China.

Mykolaiv is strategically located to control the Black Sea coast and stands in the way of Russian troops marching westward towards another important city, Odessa.

The Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure said that material damage in the country is already more or less the same $ 10 billion.

President Volodymyr Zhelensky Called for the imposition of stricter sanctions against RussiaSuch as the boycott of Russian oil and the embargo on exports.

The Kremlin spokesman again underscored the demands Russia. Dmitry Peskov said the military operation would end soon Ukraine:

  • Recognize the annexation of Crimea;
  • Recognize the independence of the separated republics of Luhansk and Donetsk;
  • Change the constitution to prevent entry into any constituency, such as the European Union.

This whole stalemate is being pulled out and thousands of people are being evicted Ukraine. The flow of refugees is amazing Poland Still very large. Since the start of this Monday, the team National Magazine I saw many people at one station.

During the report, a train carrying a large group of people – hundreds of people – arrived in a large city. Poland, More structured. A man tries to organize and picks up a small child. It’s all day: a million people have already passed Ukraine To Poland In these days of war.

Hail, on Globo News, The reporting team met with a family. Veronica and her family waited for the train to a city six or seven hours from the border.

“Look, I still don’t know what I feel. I never thought this would happen. I do not believe Putin is doing this, “said Veronica.

Like thousands of other refugees, Veronica is grateful for the welcome of the Polish people.

“It’s safe here. The people are very nice, they give us food, they give us everything. They take care of us,” he says.

Veronica married Uael Jordan. They all lived in the harbor area of ​​the fourth largest city, Odessa Ukraine, On the shores of the Black Sea. The President of Ukraine said on Sunday (6) Russia Odessa is preparing to attack the port.

Uael says the family spent the past few days listening to the sound of gunfire and helicopter circling and lost $ 500,000 from the property he rented. But the most important thing is to keep a wife and children alive: it makes him feel strong.

Veronica wants to talk more about Putin. He says he wants to kill the Russian president: “He killed the children. We all hate him. These days my daughter went out to catch a dog and saw a tank pass by on the street of our house. She was so scared, she called me to let me know. I was at work, I started crying, I can no longer work, “he says.

“My mother is Russian, Siberian, and my father is Ukrainian. I could not believe this was happening. I went Russia. Beautiful country, good people, but this president … “laments.

Grip, Veronica leaves with the same pain as her husband, children, a cloth bag and all these people: You have no idea when you are going home, or when you are going back.

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