March 23, 2023

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Russia accuses Ukraine of killing at least 10 soldiers who surrendered

Videos circulating in the Russian press since last week show what war crimes Ukrainian soldiers committed against 10 surrendered Russian soldiers.

The images, taken from the city of Makivka in the Luhansk region, were verified by Western newspapers. The New York Times And this BBC🇧🇷

Suspicions stem from two videos filmed in a house: the first, in which a Ukrainian soldier filmed Russians leaving the house, surrendering and lying with their heads on the ground. In Ukrainian, one of the soldiers asks if anyone is still inside the house. A man appears to fire a gun at the Ukrainian, and the video is interrupted.

At the same location, drone footage captured Russian soldiers lying dead in the same position as they had already surrendered, with blood on their heads. Hence, it is said that after the scenes shown in the first video, there was an execution or confrontational move between the two parties.

The Kremlin reacted to the release of the videos and accused Ukraine of committing war crimes by killing the surrendered soldiers. Today, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he was trying to bring those responsible to international authorities.

“Russia will do everything within the framework of international mechanisms to draw attention to this crime and bring those involved in it to justice and order. And, of course, Russia will look for those who committed this crime. They must be found and punished,” Peskov said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense opened a criminal procedure to establish the circumstances of the alleged crimes.

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On that day a Last week’s reportThe UN was sent to cover up the war. The Working Group identified signs of war crimes committed by both sides of the conflict.

Torture, including shocks, beatings, and psychological pressure during capture and detention, was reported by 159 detainees held by Russia and 175 detainees held in Ukrainian custody. Ukraine allowed UN staff to speak to detainees; The Russians did not – the Ukrainians interviewed were already freed following an agreement between the countries.

Russia has been accused of war crimes during the war, including targeted attacks against civilian areas in Ukraine – which the Kremlin denies. Amid allegations, Bucha’s secret tombSeveral mass graves were discovered after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area.