August 13, 2022

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Rocket parts fall into the sea after days of experts’ fears

you Runway remnants of a Chinese rocketReleased last week, it crashed in the Indian Ocean this afternoon.

The drop comes after experts fear the possibility of the object hitting some habitable places on Earth. The rocket weighs 21 tons.

According to the US Space Command, the remains of the rocket entered the atmosphere around 11:45 a.m. (Brasilia time).

Observations by the American technology analysis organization Aerospace Corporation indicated the remote possibility of objects falling in the area of ​​the Cabo San Lucas Peninsula in Mexico.

The fall in the sea was a relief to the local residents and the experts who followed the case.

The Long March 5B rocket lifted off from Beijing’s Wentian Station early Sunday (24) to carry the Solar Energy Laboratory to the Tiangong Space Station. It arrived at the base on time, but some of its modules lacked a “control flight” to return to Earth.

At the time, data from the US Space Command showed that parts of the Long March 5B rocket were “floating separately”.

Although the risk of “injury” from falling rocket blocks around the world is low, recent studies published in the journal Nature Astronomy have classified the uncontrolled return of rocket parts to Earth as an “unnecessary risk”.

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