March 29, 2023

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Roberto Jefferson Jair Bolsonaro | Metropolises

From prison, Roberto Jefferson did not spare Jair Bolsonaro from harsh criticism for the posture he adopted after his electoral defeat to Lula.

From prison in Rio’s Section 8, Roberto Jefferson has not spared Jair Bolsonaro from harsh criticism. He told the people living in prison that the captain had jumped from the boat in the middle of a storm. A reference to the fact that the then president left the demonstrators without guidance after losing to Lula.

According to Jefferson, Bolsonaro could have avoided the arrests if he had been clear about his intentions. Criticism stems from the dubious stance adopted by the Bolsonaro family after the second round. In early December, Flavio said it was not considered a conspiracy. The then president already announced at Alvorada’s door that the demonstrators “must decide where to go.” armed forces“.

A similar criticism of Bolsonaro was made in a milder tone by Carla Zambelli in an interview with Folha de S.Paolo.

Roberto Jefferson blasts Bolsonaro for US trip after defeat A leader, a captain cannot rise even after so many wrong moves. And worse, it could be headed for a shipwreck.


Roberto Jefferson was booked into a Class 8 jail
Roberto Jefferson, Father Gelman and the policeman who negotiated the surrender

Roberto Jefferson has been in jail since October last year
Roberto Jefferson wears a cheap uniform

Roberto Jefferson is a former ally of Jair Bolsonaro

In addition to a visual analysis, Roberto Jefferson has plenty of reasons to criticize Bolsonaro. After the episode in which he injured the Federal Police, the leader was called a “thug” by the then President. Bolsonaro still attributes his defeat to the disastrous consequences of his former ally’s behavior.

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Jefferson’s posture in Chapter 8 contrasts with the posture he adopts at the police station as he reacts to his arrest. In prison, the leader treated the penal agents with respect and dignity.