March 30, 2023

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Reports of ‘traitors’ in Ukraine frighten residents in the midst of the war

The people of Ukraine are shocked by the news Fanshanthi, Saboteurs and spy groups working for Russia and mixing with the public to sow chaos and distrust during the war. This information was published in the New York Times.

Reports also say that some saboteurs are warning the Russian government of possible targets. There are reasons for suspicion. In the first month of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the SBU (Security Service Ukraine) says it has arrested 350 people and removed 20 groups of saboteurs.

Spokesman Artem Dekhtiarenko released the data last week.

With that level of anxiety and trying to figure out where the danger is, you imagine too much of things when you do not know who the beast is.
Valerie, 32, an amateur actor and photographer, is being questioned by Ukrainian local police.

Valery, who refused to give his last name, says he was detained and questioned by police two weeks after fleeing Kiev, one of the Ukrainian cities least affected by the Russian attack. He told the NYT that someone had reported him while he was strolling through the city, photographing living signs such as squares and churches.

In Odessa, Ukraine, public monuments are protected by sandbags

Image: Alexandros Avramidis / Reuters

The man says officers took him to his car, examined recent photos from his cellphone, as well as flipped through a sketchbook and checked which channels he had subscribed to in his Telegram app.

“They read my memes to see if I’m making fun of us or them [ucranianos ou russos]Valerie was released after agents discovered a monument to torn Russian soldiers with televisions instead of their heads.

Suspicions about spies are high, especially in the town of Lviv, near the Polish border. The city has become a haven for Ukrainians seeking protection and a haven for those who decide to cross the border.

Liv Regional Governor, Maxim Kozitsky, Police and administrators responded to 17,000 calls a day regarding suspicious activity during the first weeks of the war. Organs can respond to up to 10% of this amount, which equates to more than a thousand cases a day.

Ukrainians can report suspects by phone or through the Evorok processor (playing on the words “the enemy is there”). According to patrol police data obtained by NYT, 200,000 reports have been received in 30 days.

Police have found that the Lutsk Air Force soldier knew Russian information

Ukrainian police have discovered that an amateur pilot from Lutsk, northeast of Lviv, had been providing information to Russian security services since 2017. The Lutsk military airport was attacked twice.

“People are outraged,” said Ludsk Mayor Ihor Polish. “The blocked person was shown as a civic activist.”

The mayor added that the arrest of the man “raised the level of possible suspicion of intelligence.”

Government of Ukraine Similar aid cases have been reported in attacks on military airports in cities Ivano-Frankivsk And vinnytsia.

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