April 1, 2023

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Report: Germany will support Russian oil embargo after significantly reducing dependence

Report: Germany will support Russian oil embargo after significantly reducing dependence

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will support Germany The European ban of Russian oil, marking another important shift in the nation’s standing in the name of Invasion of Ukraine continuous.

The ambassadors will reportedly bring up the proposal at an ambassadors’ summit in Brussels on Wednesday, with expectations of agreeing to the ban by the end of next week. Germany has resisted such a ban, but government sources told dpa on Sunday that Chancellor Olaf Scholz would support the ban.

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Schulz previously urged caution against any outright ban due to fears of the consequences, which he believed would destroy the German economy and the continent as a whole.

But Germany has reportedly been able to significantly reduce its dependence on Russian oil over the past eight weeks: Germany has taken 35% of its energy from Russia, but reduced it to just 12%, according to Energy Minister Robert Habeck.

The pullback came from Germany, which has been one of the main opponents of the European Union’s cutting off of oil and gas trade with Russia, after Berlin struck a deal with Poland to import oil through one of its Baltic Sea ports, according to that report.

According to DW, this would leave Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and Greece the remaining ones who did not publicly support the ban.

In Ukraine, I bear witness to the unity, the sacred love, and the undiminished spirit of the people

Germany has been under tremendous pressure to change its various attitudes toward Ukraine and Russia, including reluctance to send heavy weapons to Ukraine.

But Munich Agree to send Anti-aircraft “Gebard” tanks of Ukraine, with the support of German voters: about 55% of Germans now say that they should supply Ukraine with these weapons.

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Schulz defended his decision to cut subsidies, saying he found “hasty actions and German dissenting efforts in doubt”.

German voters disagree, with 54% dissatisfied with the chancellor’s handling of the crisis, Reuters reported.


Members of his left-leaning party continue to argue that the delivery of tanks and other heavy weapons will only provoke Russia to expand its military operations again.

Officials added that a new wave of EU sanctions would target Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, and several top Russian officials.

Fox News’ Greg Norman contributed to this report.

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