January 28, 2023

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Release # 585: Where is Chile going in the 2nd round? | Subject

After re-democratization, the center-right and center-left coalitions alternately ruled. One equation, at least in appearance, was more stable than other countries in the region until 2019, when thousands of Chileans took to the streets for two months. “The pressure cooker exploded,” summarizes sociologist Beatrice della Costa, director of the Innovation Institute, which studies political discoveries in Latin America. According to her, two factors explain the sudden decline: “brutal social inequality” and “low access to public services”. The protests led to an elected Constituent Assembly in May this year, often with a progressive structure. Now, six months later, a new intrusion: In the first round of last Sunday’s presidential race, the far-right candidate, Jose Antonio Cost, came out on top with 28% of the vote. In the final stage, your opponent is Gabriel Boric who gets 25% from the left. “Being in danger is a mobilization ability,” says Beatrice. According to historian Felipe Luriro, the voters of Franco Paris (third place, with 13%) will be on the cusp of a draw. So far, there are indications that the cast could attract a greater number of them. Luriro, co-ordinator of the course on USP and International Relations at the World Democratic Laboratory, explains that Castin’s economic agenda and orderly speech are adhered to in the market and that he is a staunch supporter of Augusto Pinochet – among those longing for dictatorship. On the other hand, the agenda of the war, which is linked to themes such as environmental protection and the protection of human rights, is echoing among younger voters.

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