May 23, 2022

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Refugees can use the homes of Russian oligarchs

A British minister said on Sunday that the homes and properties of recognized Russian oligarchs could be used to house refugees from Ukraine in the UK.

In an interview with the BBC, Housing Secretary Michael Covey said he “would like to see an option that allows the use of permitted persons’ homes and property for humanitarian and other purposes.”

“There is a pretty high legal hurdle to overcome. We’re not talking about permanent seizures.”

“But we say, ‘You are allowed, you support Putin, this house is here, you have no right to use it or make a profit. If you use it to help others, we will do it,’ Cove said during the BBC’s Sunday Morning show.

He said the British government wanted to tighten current measures to prevent oligarchy groups from selling their homes in the UK, but did not live in them.

“If your wealth and influence are used to support or comfort Putin, I fear you will pay the consequences, depending on what you do,” he threatened.

Support for BRL 2,300

Covey also announced that the British government would provide மாதம் 350 a month to anyone who offers asylum in the UK to Ukrainians leaving the conflict for at least six months.

The government’s plan was entitled “Housing for Ukraine.” Interested parties should register on the available site from this Monday (14/3).

Asked if he would give a refugee his own home, he said, “Yes.”

“I’m finding out what I can do,” he added. “Without getting into my personal circumstances, I have to do certain things – but yes.”

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On whether the government is too slow to respond to the crisis, Covey said it was “natural” for refugees to first go to Ukraine’s geographical neighborhoods, but monthly assistance to the UK’s quickest way to help war victims.

The UK has been criticized for not receiving Ukrainian refugees like other European countries. Ukrainians who want to live in the country still need to get a visa. But, according to Gov., the procedure will be simplified.