June 28, 2022

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Quadriplegic passenger left at London airport for more than an hour | Travel and Travel

A quadriplegic passenger on a plane waiting more than an hour and a half for a group from Gatwick Airport to disembark with a wheelchair. London. After a setback on social media, the airport apologized and described the treatment as “unacceptable”.

The case was registered last Saturday (4). Victoria Brignell told the Daily Mail that she was returning home from vacation in Malta – and that a wheelchair had been prepared for her on her second trip abroad.

The service to help her get off the plane three months before the trip with airport staff was booked and recalled two weeks ago. But, no one came.

“Shortly after I landed, the British Airways flight attendants came to me and said sorry, but those who had to help me off the plane would not be there for 50 minutes. Time had passed and I was told it would be more than half an hour. I was waiting, “he told the newspaper.

“I was paralyzed from the neck down so I could not use my arms and legs. To get off a plane, I need two people to carry me from the seat of the plane to an aisle chair, which is a short wheelchair designed to push me down from the plane and wait in my wheelchair. Outside, “he explained to the Daily Mail.

“Hello Gatwick_Airport My disabled friend Victoria has been waiting on the plane for an hour. This is really unacceptable, ”Sonia Soda wrote.

“A friend got stuck in a plane without a wheelchair and could not get out. Because? Why is this still happening? ” Asked another friend.

The news echoed on social media and mobilized former Paralympic baron Danny Gray-Thompson.

“Does anyone have any contact with the Gatwick team members? They can not do anything at the right time, but it’s unacceptable, “he tweeted.

A British Airways crew dropped her off the plane, even though it was not their responsibility. Now, the British company plans to file an official complaint against the airport.

Gatwick Airport – Photo: Revelation