August 17, 2022

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‘Putin would not have occupied Ukraine if he were a woman’: Boris Johnson’s ‘toxic masculinity’ comment | The world

Johnson called the “crazy, sexual” invasion “the perfect example of toxic masculinity” and called “more women in positions of power.”

Johnson’s comments were made prior to the meeting NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Western Military Alliance) In Madrid, Spain, allies will discuss how to respond to future threats.

Johnson was interviewed by German broadcaster ZDF after the G7 summit in Germany.

Speaking about the importance of gender equality and education, Johnson said there should be “more women in positions of power”.

“If Putin had been a woman, he would not have been, but if he had been, I think he would not have started a mad, aggressive invasion and violent war the way he did,” she said.

“If you want a perfect example of toxic masculinity, he does just that in Ukraine.”

Although G7 leaders want an end to the war in Ukraine, Johnson said there is currently “no possible agreement.”

To the British Prime Minister, The NATO We must support Ukraine’s military strategy to put President Volodymr Zelensky in the “best position” in negotiations with Russia “when the talks are finally over”.

Meeting of NATO This comes on the heels of news that Turkey has reached an agreement with Finland and Sweden seeking to join a military alliance in Madrid this Wednesday (29).

At the summit in Madrid, Johnson wants to hear that NATO Increase your defense spending.

The cost of security UK He said the investment of ஆதர 1.3 billion (R $ 8.3 billion) in military support for Ukraine is expected to reach 2.3% of GDP (gross domestic product, total goods and services) this year.

Many of the countries that make up the alliance have not reached 2% of GDP, the annual target set for military spending. NATO.

On Tuesday (28) Secretary of Defense Th UKBen Wallace appealed to Johnson to further increase spending on the U.S. military. UKDue to the threat of Russia.