March 23, 2023

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Putin says Russian action in Ukraine is going as planned

Russian President Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called Russia’s military operations in Ukraine “planned” and called his troops “heroes”.

“I would like to say that the Special Military Operation is progressing well according to schedule.

Putin’s televised comments came in the wake of claims by Western governments and intelligence agencies that Russia’s campaign was facing logistical problems, tactical errors and more opposition than expected from Ukraine.

He has made several allegations against Ukrainian forces, including the torture and killing of Russian prisoners of war and the use of human shields to hold foreigners hostage.

He reaffirmed his logic for war, which Ukraine and the West rejected as baseless propaganda.

“Now in Ukrainian territory, our soldiers and officers are fighting for Russia, for a peaceful life for the citizens of the Donbass, for the destruction and militarization of Ukraine, so that we can not be threatened by anti-Russian rights on our borders. Created many years ago by the West,” he said.

(Reuters report)

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