June 29, 2022

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Puppy becomes ‘traffic guard’ by helping children cross the street in Georgia; Watch Video | See how beautiful it is

Kupada is a four-year-old street dog living in Batumi, Georgia, and has become a social media celebrity since helping a group of boys cross the street. Watch the video above.

Video of the moment taken by a resident of a nearby building shows the dog jumping in front of cars and barking to force them to stop.

Kupada, Georgia ‘Traffic Guard’ Dog – Photo: Breeding / Instagram

Locals told Efe that helping children cross the street is one of Kupada’s favorite activities, so this beautiful approach is coming back again and again.

The puppy, which is being fed by local traders, has been called the “traffic guard” on its Instagram page, which has about 35,000 followers. Posts show other instances where Kupata helped children cross safely.

For the good services rendered, the city of Batumi received the award from the Adjara Region Tourism Department.

He also won a house with a star reminiscent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “A sign of gratitude for the dog’s safety work and exemplary behavior,” tourism officials’ spokeswoman Mary Emeritz told Efe.

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