April 1, 2023

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Princess Mako of Japan marries a commoner and leaves the imperial family | The world

Princess Mako, daughter-in-law of Emperor Naruhito Japan, A member of the royal family, was officially suspended this Tuesday (26) while celebrating his marriage to layman Kei Komuro.

Without any special ceremony or luxury, the union was limited only by the signing of the official record of the wedding, approximately 11:00 (Monday evening 23:00 pm, Brasilia time).

The document confirms that the two are legally husband and wife, and defines Mako’s separation from the imperial family. She is now called Mako Komuro.

In addition to not attending the banquet, he also paid for the princess’ departure, equivalent to a dowry of more than R $ 5 million.

After the signing, the bride and groom held a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo.

Mako, now former Princess of Japan and her husband Kei Komuro – Photo: STR / Gigi Press / Japan Pool / via AFP Photo

Mako apologized for any problems caused by his marriage and understood that people have different opinions on the matter.

Kumuro also apologized and said he loved Mako and would support her for the rest of his life.

The union, which was celebrated by the Japanese in 2017 when the couple announced their engagement and initial intent to get married in 2018, became the target of protests, leaving the Comoros country and postponing the celebration.

This happened when the mother of a widowed groom was found to have borrowed 4 million yen (approximately R $ 200,000) from her ex-fianc to finance her son’s education and not repay the loan.

The princess’ mother – in – law said she believed the amount was a gift, and Komuro offered to pay the debt, but damage to the family’s image had already been done. Most public opinion has changed against the young man’s relationship with someone from an imperial family who is supposed to maintain an impeccable reputation.

To reduce stress, the fiance moved to New York, where she continued her studies and worked as a lawyer. After marriage, Mako will move to the United States and work as a lawyer in the city.

Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko shake hands with their daughter Princess Mako in a photo on January 2, 2018 – Photo: Kasuhiro Noki / AFP

The two, both in their 30s, met at university ten years ago while studying law.

When Komuro was in New York, Mako was in Japan and they went three years without seeing each other in person. When recently Wedding date announced, The Imperial House Agency announced that the princess was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to massive media coverage.

Kei Komuro, the fiance of Princess Mako of Japan, arrives at Narida Airport in Siba Province on September 27 Photo – Photo: Kasuhiro Noki / AFP

When the groom finally returned to the wedding, the reunion took place just last month. Wearing long hair and a short ponytail, she was again the target of many criticisms – soon she cut the strands.

As a woman, Mako did not join the line of heirs to the imperial throne that could only be occupied by men in Japan. Below his uncle, the current Emperor Naruhito – his only daughter, Princess Igo – is Mako’s father Prince Akishino and his younger brother is 14 – year – old Hisahito.

Before him, the last woman to leave the imperial family to marry a commoner was his aunt, Naruhito’s brother, former princess Sayako, whom he married in 2005 to Yoshiki Kuroda.

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