July 2, 2022

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Portugal should expedite the issuance of visas to attract more workers The world

Portugal Accelerate the issuance of immigrant visas to foreign workers, members of Portuguese-speaking countries, university students and digital nomads to combat labor shortages and help revive the country’s economy.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ana Catarina Mendes announced on Wednesday that she was developing a new type of visa for job seekers that would allow foreigners seeking work to enter Portugal within 180 days.

“This diploma removes bureaucratic barriers that prevent visas from being issued quickly. New visas will be created, especially visas for job seekers and reservations for job seekers, so job opportunities can be easily identified. Portugal“, Said the Minister.

See below the 2019 Report on the Visa System for Tech Professionals.

The Portuguese government creates visas for technicians

The so-called digital nomads will have the right to reside or stay temporarily, and British citizens, through biometric data, will have access to “everything every citizen here has, despite Brexit”, the minister added.

Portugal The hospitality and tourism sector, one of the main engines of the economy, is facing a shortage of workers, but the minister declined to say how many visa applications are expected.

The bill should be easily approved as the ruling Socialist Party has a majority in parliament.

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