March 27, 2023

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Pope rejects Marx’s resignation: “Archbishop of Munich”

Francis wrote a letter to the Cardinal resigning because of the situation of the German Church facing the abuse of minorities: “Thank you for your Christian courage in not fearing that you will be humiliated in the face of the great reality of sin. There is only one effective way to take the crisis, personally and publicly.”

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“By affirming your mission and not accepting your resignation, if you wish to think, the Bishop of Rome (your brother who loves you) did not understand you, think of what Peter felt before the Lord. He presented his resignation, saying,” Keep yourself a sinner, and feed my sheep. “He asked.

This movie ends Paper Pope Francis rejected the resignation of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freezing, who wrote a letter on May 21 – later published – explaining the reasons for his gesture.

Marx asked the pope if he could leave the direction of the German diocese because he felt that the abuses in Germany were not enough and that the episcopate was not enough.

In a letter published in the Holy Cheese Press Room in Spanish and German, the Pope said, “Thanks to Marx for not being afraid that Christian courage without fear of the cross will be humiliated in the face of the greatest reality of sin.”

“The whole church is in crisis because of the abuse,” Francisco recalled, “without taking this crisis the Church today cannot move one step further” because “the doctrine of the ostrich is nowhere to be found. We must consider the crisis as Pascal’s. Sociology and psychology are useless.” Facing the crisis, individually and communally, is the only way out, because one does not come out of the crisis, but in the community “.

The Pope agrees with the description of the crisis proposed by Marx’s letter: “I agree with you on describing the tragic history of sexual abuse and how the Church has dealt with it so catastrophically until recently. We need to take history as a society. We can not be indifferent to this crime. Acceptance is about putting itself in crisis. “

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“It is true that historical circumstances must be explained with the hermeneutics of the time in which they took place, but this does not exempt us from taking them as a history of ‘sin’ that besieges us.” In my opinion, every bishop in the Church must accept this and ask himself: What must I do to face this catastrophe? “

The Pope recalled “Mee Gulba” many times already, “despite many historical errors of the past.” Today, he explains, “We are asking for a reform, which – in this case – has no words, but courageous attitudes to face the crisis, whatever the consequences. Every reform begins on its own.” . “

This, says the Bishop of Rome, “is the only way, otherwise we will not be more than ‘reform ideologues’ who do not endanger their flesh”, as Jesus did, “on the cross with his life, history, and flesh”. This, Francis acknowledges, “Dear brother, it is your own way of presenting your apostasy,” because “burying the past does not lead us anywhere.” Giving too much weight to the silence, the shortcomings, the tyranny of the institutions can lead to personal and historical failure. “

Francis defines it as “urgency” to allow the Spirit to guide us through the desolate desert, the cross and the resurrection. We must follow the way of the Spirit, and the starting point is humble confession: we err and sin. Neither research nor the power of companies can save us. We will not be saved by the tyranny of our church, which tends to cover its sins; We will not be saved by the power of money or the opinion of the media (we often depend on them). We will be saved by opening the door to those who can do it and confessing our nakedness: ‘I have sinned’, ‘we have sinned’ …. Legacy left to popes and bishops “.

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In doing so, the Pope explains, “we will feel the healing of the shame that opens the door to the mercy and tenderness of the Lord who is always close to us.” By engaging himself in spiritual renewal, Francis writes that he appreciates the conclusion of Marx’s letter and his desire to continue as a “priest and bishop of this Church.”

“This is my answer, dear brothers – the Pope concludes. Continue as you propose, but as Archbishop of Munich and Freezing”. The Bishop of Rome, Peter’s heir, who said to Jesus, “Depart from me, for I am a sinner,” understands him well, and invites him to hear the Nazarene apostles’ response to the Prince. : “Feed my sheep”.