March 27, 2023

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Pope Francis was discharged from hospital after undergoing colon surgery

Pope Francis was discharged from Jemelie Hospital in Rome today Colon function, It was submitted on July 4th.

The 84-year-old Argentine pope underwent surgery for a stroke Symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon.

The head of the Catholic Church left the hospital in the passenger seat of a blue vehicle traditionally used during his travels through the Italian capital.

Before returning to the Vatican, the pope also stopped for prayer at the Basilica of Santa Maria Magiore, the largest Marian church in Rome. When he arrived at his official residence in Gaza Santa Marta, he was greeted by his paramilitary guards and soldiers guarding the area.

During his stay, the Pope followed international news, Sent messages of condolence for the assassination of the President Haiti, Defended the right to free health care for all Argentina and Italy celebrated the titles In Copa America and Eurocopa, respectively.

Not last Sunday (11), The pope addressed the faithful from a balcony on the tenth floor of the hospital, Said he was “glad to be able to have this Sunday ‘meeting.

Yesterday, He visited the children who were admitted to the hospital In a cancer ward.

The pope is due to rest at the Vatican in July. No public hearings or official meetings are scheduled during this period.

According to his schedule, he will celebrate Angels on Sunday from the Apostolic Palace in St. Peter’s Square.

Before he can travel again, it will be several weeks for Francisco to fully recover from the surgery. He has already announced an official visit to Slovakia from September 12 to 15 with a brief visit to Hungary, ruled by right-wing populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The project predicts only one mass celebration in Budapest.

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This is the pope’s second foreign trip in 2021 after Iraq in March. UN The Pope plans to travel to Scotland in November to attend the Climate Conference (COP 26).

The Vatican acknowledged the severity of the surgery

Last Wednesday (7), The Vatican has approved the intensity of surgery to cure the condition of the Holy Father’s digestive system, Which is a narrowing caused by the appearance of small sacs called diverticula in this part of the large intestine.

A bulletin published at the event confirmed that the pope had been diagnosed with “severe diverticular stenosis with symptoms of sclerosing diverticulitis” during his final anatomical examination.

Until then, the Vatican had not yet used the word “grave” to refer to the papacy.

Since the unexpected, yet scheduled hospitalization, the press and some Italian doctors have speculated that Francis may be suffering from a tumor in his bowel, according to the Vatican. However, the bulletin confirming diverticular stenosis rejected this theory.

Since coming to Rome, George Percoglio has gained weight, and his diverticulitis may have been caused by a high-calorie diet, which is associated with a lack of physical activity.

Due to the Pope’s age, risks related to general anesthesia were a major concern of the medical team.

* Com AFP, ANSA and RFI