March 30, 2023

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Pixel Watch technically supports 20mm ranges after all

Pixel Watch technically supports 20mm ranges after all

The Google Pixel Watch ships with a smart connector for its bands, but the unique connector means that third-party bands don’t work. At least it’s not official. But Google’s “Crafted Leather” strap actually unlocks support for using a 20mm external band on the Pixel Watch.

Most smartwatches sold to Android users, including Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series and the vast majority of Wear OS smartwatches, support the use of a traditional pin connector for the bracelet. The use of quick-release bands has become popular with this standard, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from using a proprietary connector with the Apple Watch, and Fitbit has also used its own connectors in its smartwatches and trackers.

We’re fans of the Google Connector on the Pixel Watch in general. The quick release button on the watch lets you slide the strap out of place for a much quicker pin-up, and provides a nice smooth look for the straps as well.

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However, it is really frustrating that it is very difficult to get replacement watch bands. Google only sells the bundled Pixel Watch in different Active Band colors, and there are many bands currently Too late or sold out.

Dan Seifert in the edge have found That the “Crafted Leather” strap of the Pixel Watch actually supports the use of a 20mm band using the classic pin connector. The connector for the “Crafted Leather” strap adds lugs on either side of the Pixel Watch to hold the strap in place, but it only uses a typical pin connector. However, there is no easy way to remove the previously installed domain. You’ll need a pin removal tool to get the tape out of its holder, but then a 20mm bar can be snapped into place.

Sadly, though, the “Crafted Leather” band for the Pixel Watch is pretty much out of stock at the moment. The color “Ivy” is completely unavailable and ineligible for a waiting list, while “Obsidian” is available in a smaller size at the moment. This wouldn’t be a problem for a range converter, but if you need the larger size, it will definitely be a shame Spend $80 on a band You cannot use it.

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We hope some affordable third-party adapters will arrive in time.

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