March 27, 2023

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Pictures show a python swallowing an entire crocodile in Australia; See the extraordinary world


The moment was recorded in photos

Images of a python swallowing a whole crocodile have gone viral on the internet again this week, according to the portal. TV9
. These photos were taken in the Queensland area of ​​Australia.

This photo was taken by photographer Martin Mர்ller, who donated the images in 2019 to Gigi Wildlife Rescue, an Australian non-profit organization.

In the photos, you can see the python circling the crocodile’s body, opening its mouth and swallowing its prey completely. According to Live Science, these snakes feed on large animals over 6 meters long.

“They usually eat anything if it fits in their mouth,” Michael Jones, owner of GG Wildlife Rescue Inc., told the portal. Daily Mail.

To manage the digestion of animals of this size, mountain snakes are able to modify their metabolism. According to the website, they increase the size of internal organs such as the intestines, heart and pancreas. Snakes digest all the bones, flesh and organs of their prey, excreting only keratin and enamel-rich areas such as scales and teeth.

See pictures:

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