March 25, 2023

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Patients with Omigran were already in the Netherlands before the flight from South Africa The world

Two people who tested positive for the new variant of the corona virus, Omigran, have already been in the country for more than a week.

The Omigron variant was detected in the Netherlands just before the arrival of two planes from South Africa last week, which could have carried the virus, according to reports from Dutch health service organizations on Tuesday (30).

This deadline is important because the new variant was already in the country at least a week before the arrival of two flights from South Africa on Friday, so the WHO classified the omicron as a variant of concern.

Since then, some countries have imposed restrictions on flights from places where the variant has already been identified.

The UK is beginning to take action to curb the progress of Ômicron

At least 14 people on flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town arrived at Amsterdam Airport on November 26 with the new variant, according to the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health.

“We found the Omigron variant in two tests of samples taken on November 9th and 13th, and it is not clear whether they visited South Africa,” the company said.

Dutch authorities want to test about 5,000 passengers departing from the following countries:

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