March 24, 2023

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Passenger arrested on plane after endangering flight by doing “what Jesus said”.

A woman had an explosion during the flight, putting the lives of all the passengers at risk, and had to be arrested after ‘doing what Jesus said’.

The flight took off from Houston to Columbus (USA) on November 26. The passenger is American, Elom Agbegnino, 34 years old.

At that point, he left his seat and went to the back of the plane, near the emergency door. Despite receiving warnings to return to the correct spot, the woman ignored them and pulled the lever.

The plane was at an altitude of 37,000 meters and nearby flight attendants panicked and shouted for help.

A man wanted to help and tried to control Elon. This time, he was bitten on the thigh and the wound immediately began to bleed.

With that, police had to rush to the ground to stop the woman on the ground, hitting her on the head while yelling, “Jesus told me to fly to Ohio, open the plane door.”

Officers explained that the suspect appeared nervous on the date. She reportedly left the house without telling anyone and had no luggage with her.

Despite the scare, only the passenger was bitten and was able to resume the flight.

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