March 27, 2023

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Part of La Palma volcano falls and volumes of volcanoes build up

A part of the cum of the Cumbre Viza volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma collapsed, sending volcanic blocks the size of a three-story building in different directions. The volcano, located in the Canary Islands, erupted on September 19.

According to the IGN (Spanish National Geographic Institute) there were 21 earthquakes this Sunday, the largest with 3.8. The tremor was felt in the villages of Maso, Fuencalient and El Paso.

“Part of the cone appears to have collapsed (….) which led to two different flows, one further north and the other occurring at the same place where we were in the previous days, but at one point the old lava flows overflowed”, he said. Stavros Melatlitis, A volcanologist IGN, Said yesterday Radio National Spain.

Technical Director of Kovalka (Canary Islands Volcano Emergency Project), Fairy Morkunde, Pointed out that volcanic flow surplus threatens an industrial zone.

“We have a third stream to the south, which joins the main stream, and now that is what worries us the most,” he said.Pulp Significant volcano “.

Experts have also warned of the risk of the volcanic flow, which has already advanced into the 32-hectare sea, collapsing when it reaches the outer shores of the island’s coast.

“After reaching the limit of the coastal shelf, if it continues to advance, its crust will collapse, causing sudden gases, magmatic eruptions and the formation of waves,” said Maria Jose. White, Director IGN In the Canary Islands.

Lava has already reached more than a thousand properties

This weekend, with temperatures of up to 1,240 degrees Celsius, the last buildings in the village of Dodok to resist volcanic eruptions were destroyed, the Canary Islands Volcano Research Institute said on Twitter.

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The same company claims that the lava flow is hindering the work of scientists in the region.

Yesterday, the island’s airport reopened 48 hours after it was closed by volcanic ash. This is the second time the airport has been forced to suspend operations since the ash clouds erupted.

According to the AFP (Agencies France-Press), more than 6,000 people were forced to flee their homes, but no deaths were reported. The volcano has already reached 480 hectares of the island and destroyed about 1,000 properties.

The eruption of La Palma in the last century was the third eruption after San Juan in 1949 and Teniguna in 1971.

* With information from EFE and AFP