December 8, 2022

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Paleo gets under the boat with the tourists and takes them for a ride; Watch the video

A gray whale lifts off a small speedboat off the coast of Mexico. The scenes, which appeared to be unexpectedly naughty, were shared on social media by tourists in attendance and by the website ViralHog.

Episode Tuesday (8), on the shores of Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, was surprised to find an inspiration on the boat when he noticed a whale resting on the bottom of the boat.

The giant sea mammal speedboat slowly lifted into the sea, a moment described by tourists as fun – despite the danger.

In an interview with The New York Post, Larry Barra, an American tourist who witnessed the whale’s activity, said: “I’ve been there many times, and it never happened!”

According to Larry, the adventure took place in a whale breeding pond, where tourists can take a boat ride and observe them and interact with them to some extent. Before the speedboat could move, the gray whale was playing with the passengers trying to get his attention.

On the animal, which weighs about 30 tons, Larry added, “She was very happy to come to us to ask for food and kisses. Then the” good “whale reflects the friendship of the audience by pushing the boat.

“She’s taking us for a ride,” said the tourist, who can be seen putting his hand in the water as the whale pushes the ship. “I can not believe it,” he added.

The scenes end with the giant sea mammal descending into the depths of the lake from which it came.

“Twice she lifted our boat slowly on her back and swam with us. She was fast enough to make a footprint in my fingers,” he said. “She shook her chest against me as she left our boat. It almost touched my hand.”

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On the other hand, according to another witness in the chapter, the whale’s only charming attitude during interactions with humans is not an unusual ride.

In another social media post, a tourist on the same speedboat of the truck said that the gigantic creature saw itself slowly underwater. “She came back to see me twice and we had a soul-searching experience between two mammals,” he said.